Project data folder and files not created

I worked on 3 projects on the same day and the .aup project files were all saved within two minutes of each other.

I’ve gone back to work on them again but they won’t open. I noticed that there were no _data folders for any of them. I’ve used Audacity since then with no issues about creating projects.

I think I’m SOL with these project files, I’m assuming new data folders cannot be created. Any idea what might have caused this problem?

I use Windows 10 and v.2.4.2 of Audacity. Thanks.
audacity problem.png

Anyone have ANY thoughts? Wouldn’t really want this to happen again.

You might get better traction if you post more specific information.

Did you post a screen shot showing your error message?

Did you tell Windows to hide the extensions for the AUP files? I thought Windows normally preserves them since Audacity is not a Microsoft Product.

Anyway, you’re clear Legacy Projects need both the .aup project manager text file and the _data folder with all the actual sound in tiny snippets to re-assemble a show? You have the instructions.

Do you have the instructions? Open one of the .aup files in Notepad and they should look roughly like this.

This one has been gussied up for the picture, but you should have similar words. Post back right away if you have blank files or they’re filled with black blocks, graphic characters, or NUL NUL NUL NUL.

If the files are OK, that rules out Audacity, Windows, or the machine interfering with saving the projects. Audacity writes the AUP files last. It’s most unusual to have a show broken in this order.

Are you using the machine internal drive C:\ for all this work? Audacity doesn’t much like network or cloud drives. Sometimes external drives can cause problems. C:\ is good.

That brings you to a Foreign Actor. It’s not unusual for Virus Protection Programs to see Audacity work and remove it as dangerous. The other side of that is: are you sure you are the only user on your machine? When was the last time you did that thorough virus scan that takes all night?

I would take extraordinary measures to back up the work until we sort this out.


Windows 10 has a “clean” shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > OK. That resets and closes more things than any of the other Shutdown and Restart options. Watch it going down and pay attention if it seems to take a very, very long time with a lot of Hard Drive Lights.

That’s worth doing if you think it may be a machine problem and you haven’t turned anything off since forever.

Have you ever optimized the drive? Is it a Solid State Drive? If it is, don’t optimize. Is it filling up? SSD do not like that.


Thank you very much for the advice and suggestions. I will keep all of these in mind. I have the projects on my C drive. I had already done a clean shutdown before I wrote my original post and I didn’t notice anything unusual.

Unfortunately the text that appears in Notepad was garbled so likely something else caused the data files to be deleted and the .aup files to be stranded and probably corrupted.

I will post again if this happens again.