Project crashes when opening

Every time that I attempt to open my project Audacity completely freezes and will not close without restarting the computer. It is only on this one particular project, all the others work fine. It seems to be related to one of the data files being corrupted or something, since every time I try to make a backup copy of the data from that project, Windows Explorer freezes up. Any idea if there is a way to fix this? I attached the .aup file, if that helps.
the last train.aup (49.3 KB)

Can you open up the _data folder and see all the little snippets inside?
What happens if you turn loose your virus software on the project?

If your computer freezes when you copy a file or open a project you have more problems than with the project. Only Audacity should crash if there is something wrong with the project.

Try the attached AUP file. All I have done is set the “h” position to “0.0000000000” which means you can see the start of the project, and set the cursor to the start of the track by setting “sel0” and “sel1” to “0.0000000000”.

An overnight virus scan of your entire computer may be a very good idea.

Note that if you make a backup copy of the project manually in Explorer, you must make a new folder then copy the original AUP file and _data folder and paste those into the new folder. If you copy in the same folder you will break your project.

If your project was openable, the safest way to back it up is to use File > Save Project As… in Audacity.

the last train.aup (49.3 KB)

Also note that some of your tracks have audio behind zero. That audio behind zero will not be exported with standard export, only with Export Multiple with splits based on tracks.