Project Crash

Wndows 10
Audacity 3.0.2

I’m digitizing my vinyl collection and ran into the following issue: I recorded an album and later realized that a skip on the record caused an entire groove of music (about two seconds) to not be recorded. I went online, recorded the song that had the skip, imported the file as a new stereo track in the project containing the recorded album and then silenced the audio around the skip in the original recording and time shifted the relevant 2 seconds of the internet recording into place and trimmed the remaining internet recording. After matching volumes, this seemed to work pretty well.

I left the file as separate tracks and then attempted to export the entire album in preparation for running it through some de-clicking software.

I initially got some sort of “disk full or not writeable” error. At that point the program crashed and in order to regain control, I had to go to the Task Manager and kill the program. When I attempted to reopen the program, I got a “file corrupted” type error (please see attached screenshot.)

This was the first time I inserted and aligned a new track of audio into an existing project and I did quite a lot of editing of the project in order to figure out how to best accomplish my goal. During this I did not save the file. (Easy come easy go…) Is there anything obviously problematic with the approach I took? Is there some sort of DRM issue at play? Both the recorded album and the internet sample went through my digital preamp and out its digital output at 96kHz/24 bit so all of that was consistent.

The only other thing that (I’m now learning) may be relevant is that I recorded the project to an external solid state drive on a USB C connection. The drive is just about as fast as the internal SSD of my laptop and has much more available space. I figured that if I could record stably to that drive, I could certainly edit. But a brief review of recent posts makes me think perhaps not.

I have also encountered the “disk full or not writeable error” when recording directly to my C: drive and could not determine why. The C: drive is only 500Gb but probably always had at least 50 Gb available. I decided to save everything directly to the external SSD because of the space limitations on the internal hard drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2022-01-29 (2).png

I’ll not speak to the other issues but if you care to zip up your .aup3 file and upload it to a file sharing service and then post (or PM me) a link, I’ll take a look at it.

Thanks for the response! Right now I’m not authorized to post a PM. Is it possible to get that status changed? If so, I’ll post a link to the zipped file on my OneDrive.

Not by me. :frowning:

One thing you can try is to post a google drive link without first sharing. I’ll post a note here when I try (unsuccessfully) to access your file and google will alert you to grant permission.

You should be able to now.

Thanks! I uploaded the file to jademan (though asked him to not spend too much time on it because…)

At the same time (well, not exactly) I re-did the work that led to the crash on Saturday and was able to successfully complete and export the project. The only thing I did different was to save regularly. ( :wink: )

Interestingly, I continued to use the USB-C based external SSD drive on which the project was originally recorded and had no problems in recording, editing or exporting. Can anyone tell me if “external drives” are a hard NO, or that you can use them if they are fast enough? Is the basic problem one of speed and latency or is there some other fundamental problem? It’s so much easier for me to use that drive because my C: drive is pretty tiny and pretty full of system files.



Glad to hear you are sorted. :smiley: I try to avoid speculating as to what is the cause of an issue, because that is just what it is - speculating. There are others on this list who will be happy to do that. :wink: I am perfectly content to limit myself just to repairing damage. :smiley:

Anyway, I am glad to hear you have “successfully exported the results”. :smiley: As I find myself quite busy these days, lets just leave it at that. :smiley: