Project can not be retrieved

I am using windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.2. I was editing a project and I tried to delete a portion of the track however I by mistake hit the back space key and the project
disappeared. I am very new to this software and have tried for hours to retrieve the project with no success. Please help

Al Plouff

Edit > UNDO didn’t work? Audacity keeps complete show copies in cache just to make the UNDO thing work.

If you close Audacity anywhere in the process Audacity will clear the cache, and Audacity Projects do not save UNDO.

I don’t know how valuable this will be since you didn’t crash.


When I hit the back space key the waveform disappeared. I then closed and saved changes to the project. The undo does not do anything and I have tried just about anything within Audacity
to find the waveform. This is the second time I have lost this project. It was a simple editing project nothing special.

Projects do not save UNDO. Once you save a project and exit, that’s the end of the world.

back space key the waveform disappeared.

There is a destructive backspace key (upper right).

What was the goal for doing that?


You have to Undo (hold CTRL and press Z) before closing the project. If you tell Audacity to close and save an empty track, it won’t ask you whether you really mean that.

BACKSPACE is a delete key. By default if you have no grey selection area in the waveform, Audacity applies commands to the whole project, to save you having to select all the waveform first.

So BACKSPACE when there is no selection will then delete all the project’s audio.

You can do two things. Open Keyboard Preferences, search for “delete” (without typing the quotes), then click to select “DeleteKey” and press “Clear” then OK. If you do this, BACKSPACE will then do nothing.

Or open Tracks Preferences, click in the box that says “Select all audio in project, if none selected:” so as to remove its checkmark, then click OK. After that, many of the menus will be greyed out until you select some audio. If you want to select all the project’s audio in that case, hold CTRL and press A to “Select All”.