Progressively change the tempo


I use audacity 2.0.0. My OS is Windows seven 64 bits.
I want to progressively change the tempo at the beginning of my track, so I want it progressively, and start at -15, to finish at the “normal” tempo : the same tempo as the rest of the song.
I can progressively change it from 0 to -15, but I can’t do it the way I want : the opposite that the options in the menu “effect” does automatically.


Try the “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift…” effect:

I don’t find this option (I have french version of audacity, so name are not the same)

Variation progressive de la hauteur…

Thanks, I’ve found it !
I have another question : I have a background music, and I have doubled it. But, in the middle of the songs, there is one note who “jump”. We have the same feelings as we switch the song, but after this only note, the music is exactly the same. Do you have an idea to smooth this feelings, making the song goes right all the way ? Cool like water in the river xD
Thanks again :slight_smile:


It’s generally better to start a new topic for each new question as the question of the topic title has been answered.

Regarding making the music flow when you repeat it you need to make the end of the first time match with the start of the second time. This can usually be achieved by trimming the end of the first time and start of the second time so that they meet in a similar musical place (for example end the first time immediately after a verse and start the repeat at the beginning of a verse. For rhythmical music the timing needs to be quite accurate for it to sound right and they should meet on the same beat of the bar.