Progressive volume adjustment

I’d need to raise up the volume on a very small part of a track. I get the best result by normalizing it to the max (0,0db), but the click is audible at the beginning, since the difference in volume is huge.

The envelope tool would be perfect but I’m able to raise up the volume just a little using it. There’s perhaps some other option I have to enable so that the envelope tool could raise up the volume more (possibly up to 0.0db)??

Perhaps try Select > At Zero Crossings to adjust the selection to a zero crossing.

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I tried it, what should it actually do? It seems the selection remains about the same

I see what it does. It is not a progressive change but it improves the situation for sure.

Other than that, you can fiddle with the adjustable fade. It’s going to be similar to the envelope tool, but it has a steep learning curve. In some cases, you can just zoom in and “draw” correction notes.

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