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Hello I’m new to the forum and I apologize in advance if this posting is in the wrong location. I have audio files that have voice on the right channel and decoded time on the left channel. Is it a viable option for a plugin to be developed for audacity that will display the decoded time rather than the running time of the audio track?

any input will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance

What do you mean by “decoded time”?

yes “decoded time” it the wrong term. On the left channel time of day is recorded so I can identify when events actually took place. A better explaination would be can the recorded time on the left channel be displayed and coinside with the right channel audio. Rather than displaying the running time of the audio, which is no use for my purposes. I hope this clears up any confusion

How? Do you mean that in the left channel you have recorded yourself saying “3:25 PM” and suchlike?

SMPTE time code?

The recordings are not of myself. They are Air Traffic Control transmissions between air traffic controlers and pilots. The transmissions are recorded on the right channel and the time code is on the left channel. When both channels are played together on a convential audio player there are “noises” created by the time code,which can be elminated by muting the left channel. They are regular Wav files but the time code is not reconized/displayed by the audio player. I’m trying to explore the feasbility of gettting the time code on the left channel dispayed rather than the running time of the audio track or entering a known start time so I can track the time of day of each transmission.

thank you for the link Koz

Edit to my previous post. The time of day is recorded on the left channel. I use a out dated VRS/DALR(digital Audio Legal Recoder) time Code decorder. There are no real play back options outside of stop and play. Which makes it a very tedious task to analyze the audio I collect.

hope this helps

It may be possible for a plug-in to be developed that is able to read and decode those time codes and create labels that contain the decoded information. I would expect it to be a complex task and would require a detailed knowledge of the encoding.

Are you a programmer?
Do you have detailed knowledge of the time code that is used?

No,I don’t have any programing experience. I’m exploring what would be the best way to adapt an existing audio player to our needs. Currently we listen to the audio on one player and use another player to log the time of each transition, I want to consolidate these two functions. So I’m guessing it would it be easier to make a plug in to start at a know time versus displaying the recorded time that’s on the Left audio channel?