Programmer Needed!

We need a programmer for a specific application. I thought I’d pass along our needs. Maybe you know someone who can help?

We need a custom WAV file / MP3 File recording, splitting, and, joining application. The programmer who works with us must have extensive experience with handling audio files. Database management of files is also a critical issue.

The programmer who works on this project must also be know how to add filters (compression, reverb, etc) to audio files. The programmer we work with must reside in the United States, be available by phone during normal US business hours, and, speak English as their PRIMARY language. The final version of this application must come with an installer, and, be usable with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

We need this project completed ASAP and will pay more for accuracy and timeliness.

For details, email or call 318-550-3270.

Note if you are not in the US, if you do not speak English as your primary language, or, if you cannot be available during normal business hours, please do not reply to our post. Thanks!

Don Harrold

Phone: 318-550-3270