Programmatic access to the Audacity API

Is there a way to access the Audacity API directly (preferably using (wx)Python)? I’d like to script the amplify and export functions. (I have about 10,000 aiff files I want to import, amplify to the maximum extent w/out clipping, then export as wav; I’m doing it “by hand” right now, but that would take years to finish 10,000 files. :frowning: ) Thanks!


Simple processes like this can be done in batches using the “Chains” commands (Audacity 1.3)
Not all functions in Audacity are supported, but Normalize and Export are supported.

If you try to process too many files in one go, you will probably run out of disk space as temporary files are not cleared out until Audacity closes, so start with just a couple of files, and keep an eye on disk (and memory) usage, and gradually build it up within the capacity of your computer.

OK, that sounds pretty cool - can import be part of the chain? Is there a tutorial somewhere? Thanks!


You won’t actually need to use “Import” in the chain as the chain (chain of commands) is applied to each of the files that you select one after the other. Chain commands can only be applied to one file at a time, so you wouldn’t be able to make a chain that say imported 3 tracks and mixed them.

I’ve not seen a tutorial for chains, but it may be worth checking the wiki and the 1.4 manual to see if anything has been added recently.

If not, it’s pretty straightforward to work out. You need Audacity 1.3 to use chains.

OK, thanks! I post if I have trouble. Thanks again.


Cool, that was easy! Thanks!!!