programm fails to start: unknown bug

My version of audacity is 2.3.1. OPeration system Windows 10. I have worked on several projects having no problems at all untill I closed one project and tried to restart/reload another. Than the attached notification came up, with the result that the programm fails to start up. It says that a debugging check in this application failed, and gives you the choice “stop” (app.closes) or “continue”(this has the same result. Re-installing several times didn’t change anything. I am helpless.
Thanks for any suggestions how to fix the problem; audacity is a great tool!

This is a known bug that we are aware of - it is proving hard for us to track down as we can’t reproduce it on any of our testers’ or developers’ machines.

And although it’s a bit annoying - it does no harm, just dismiss that dialog.


BTW 2.3.1 is currently only an alpha test build - you should be working with 2.3.0 (which still has the same bug).