Program not recognizing turntable

I just set up a new turntable, downloaded Audacity, connected via USB, and the program is not recognizing the music. I followed all of the online set up guides from Audio Technical, but the green bars are not moving. Any ideas?

Ventura 13.2.1

Audacity 3.2.5

Have you granted Audacity permission to use audio devices?

Perhaps I did. I followed an online tutorial to set up some preferences, but I do not specifically remember doing that. Where would I find that command?

I did that, and I actually saw the bars moving at one point. Tonight, all I get is a straight line, no wave, nothing. Everything is set up properly, but it is not recording. Any ideas?

Error code: 9986 Internal PortAudio error

Try Transport (menu) > Rescan Audio Devices.
– Bill

Tried that. Again. Still nothing but a straight line in the main screen. No green bars up top.

OK, let’s back up a bit.

Go to System Settings, Sound, then look at the “Input” tab. Is the turntable listed there? If not you need to figure out why.
If the turntable is listed, play a record and see if the Input Level bounces. If it bounces then Audacity should hear the sound.

– Bill

USB AUDIO CODEC is recognized in both the Output and Input, but no bar movement in either when playing a record.

So the Mac is not seeing any signal from the turntable. If the Mac doesn’t see the signal, neither will Audacity.
What is the model number of your turntable? Have you looked to see if there is any support information on the Audio Technica website?
– Bill

I will go to the Audio Technica website and see if they offer support. Thanks for the help thus far. I will let you know what I find out.

Maybe the turntable is just defective… Have you tried the analog output (into your stereo, or TV, or whatever has RCA line-inputs?

USB turntables always have a built-in preamp and almost always a line-output, but sometimes there is a switch to bypass the internal and use your own (for analog playback or for digitizing with a separate USB audio interface).

…If the analog output works that doesn’t mean the digital output is OK, but if the analog doesn’t work the digital won’t work.

I’m a Windows guy, but that turntable is “class compliant” and plug-and-play with the Apple-supplied or Microsoft-supplied drivers.

I also have it plugged into a receiver and that works fine, so I assume that means the analog output is working.
Now, I never download a driver.

The manual says that the pre-amp switch should be set to “Line” when using the USB connection.
– Bill

That was it! Thanks again.