Program is crashing all the time

I just got an Macbook for the first time.
I installed the newest version for IOS and followed every step.
The Program opens normal. But as soon as I hit record or do anything else the program closes and asks me, if I want to report it to apple.
I already tried to deinstall and reinstall it, but it didn’t help

Which Mac? Upper left > Apple > About This Mac.


Never mind. There it is. 13.5.

They’re up to iOS 17

So you didn’t buy a new MacBook. You got it.

Did the previous owner have full iCloud services and connections? Audacity doesn’t like that very much. It assumes any drive it can see can be used for any job no matter how difficult, critical, or delicate. Cloud drives have messy connections and drive Audacity nuts.

Any way you can disconnect iCloud and/or turn off the network connection?

Apple > System Preferences > Network. It may not be there any more. This is an older machine.


MacOS is 14. Still. That’s the current one.


I never saw a Mac running iOS. iOS is for iPhones and iPads. macOS 13.x is Ventura, macOS 14 is the latest version called Sonoma.

appreciate your help.
I actually did buy it from the store. I just didn’t noticed, that the MacBook wasn’t updated to the latest version.
I updated it now to 14.5 and everything works just fine.
what a beginner mistake xd

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