Program doesn't let me record [SOLVED]

I am a beginner to Audacity. I’ve looked around in the manual but don’t find the answer to this question.

I have a Windows 10/Lenovo computer. When I open Audacity and try to record, it doesn’t record. It just seems to run across the control board but doesn’t record my voice. How can I get the software to record.


Use Device Toolbar to choose the recording device that you are speaking or singing into.

If you don’t see that device, open Windows Sound and enable the device you are speaking or singing into. Then restart Audacity.

If you need more help please give us the make and model number of the microphone and tell us how it connects to the computer.


Guess what, I figured it out. My Logitech microphone button, for some unknown reason, muted itself. When I clicked on it, I could record.

Told you I was a beginner. Duh.