Program crashed when I mixed and rendered- lost project

Hello - I use Audacity 2.0.5 on a Windows 7 computer. I had many tracks, ‘selected’ them all, then ‘mixed and rendered’ to mix them down to one. My machine froze up, the program ended, and when I opened Audacity again, ALL tracks, including all muted and unwanted material was on one ‘nightmare’ sounding track, a jumble of sounds, totally unusable or even understandable. ‘Restore’ didn’t work to do anything. I ‘saved’ the project all the time as I worked. Is there ANY way that anyone knows of to retrieve one of the previous saved versions so I can save many days of potentially now lost work? Any help would be so greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Bill Brennan


Which “Restore” are you talking about? Do you mean the Audacity Automatic Crash Recovery?

From your description, that Recovery dialogue should probably have appeared, giving you the option to recover the unsaved changes.

Mix and Render does mix down all selected tracks to one, irrespective if tracks are muted or not. See: Muted tracks are not exported however.

If the Audacity crash recovery was not correct, or was correct but not what you intended, then assuming the data was not corrupted by the crash, exit the recovered project without saving changes. Then open the AUP file which should have the state of the project at your last save.

If you saved the recovered project when it was incorrect then you overwrote it with the incorrect data. The only way likely back from there is likely to be Windows 7 Previous Versions of files.