Program crashed, can't recover audio files

I am using 2.0.6 on Windows 7.

I recorded several takes of a friend playing violin, all in the same project window.

Soon after she left, Audacity was not responding and I realized I hadn’t saved anything yet. After an hour of waiting for it to respond on its own, I forced the program to close. When I reopened it, it indicated there was a project to be recovered. Great! However, when the project re-opened, the tracks were present, but there was no audio (each track had a flat blue line, though each was the length of the original recordings).

I’ve searched in the temp folder(s), but they are empty. Did I lose the audio? It’s no big deal, as this was just for fun, and re-recording more takes isn’t a problem.


Was there a dialogue about project inconsistencies when you recovered the project? If so, did you look at the log as it suggested?

Is the window with the failed recovery still open? If you closed that window normally and said either Yes or No to saving changes then the audio is either saved as silence or discarded, respectively.

Your only chance with a bad recovery is to look at the log, force quit then try to address the problems noted in the log. The force quit means that the AUTOSAVE temporary project file and the temporary data folder are both retained.