Program crash an


I’m using Audacity 3.0.0 with win10 64bit.

  1. I had some Program crashs by using the effect compressor.
  2. I tryed to open an project file (*.aup) from 2015. The AUP-file and *_data laying in on the same path. The program doesent open.
    Also the import with default setting doesent works. Is that an was to try open the aup-file with an erlier version, if I would have it?

so long

That is a bug that occurs if the track starts before time=0
It has been fixed for the next Audacity release. In the meantime, just be careful that the selection does not go before time=0 when using the Compressor effect.

Is there an error message?

Hi Steve,
Thank you for the quick answer.
#1. It’s an intresting information, I’ll try it next time.
#2. Now I recorded the project new. Also I got a Tip open the old project in an earlier version.
Best regard