Product Request: Multi Function Tool


I am a media trainer, and I work with radio broadcasters. I love Audacity, and I support any improvements in the software that will assist radio producers.

I also use Audacity myself exclusively, and do many repetitious tasks. Thus my request today.

I understand that the six tools (selection, envelope, draw, zoom, time shift and multi) have been with Audacity as they are for many years now. However, it would greatly speed up the editing process, if selection and time shift could be doubled up together to make another multi function tool. Select and time shift are the two I use the most.

I’m asking a lot here, but it would be wonderful if (within that multi function), left click was select, and right click was time shift. I guess, similar to how Audition operates.

Thank you for reading my post, and thank you for considering this idea. :slight_smile:


The existing Multi-Tool seems to be able to do everything that you are asking (
What are the benefits of your proposal over the current Multi-Tool?

I use keyboard shortcuts for switching between tools (and I do it hands-free with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I suspect that Windows Speech Recognition might also work).

Thank you for your replies Steve and Edgar.

Voice recognition Edgar…now that’s an idea worth investigating.

Thanks for the link Steve. Now I understand the multi tool better. I discovered that in multi tool mode. left click is highlight, and control-left click is time shift. That is handy, and delighted that I now know about it.

In a perfect world, left click as highlight and right click as time shift would be ideal for me, as i am a former Audition user, and these are the functions I use most.

Thanks all for your help.

James the Trainer