Product request: Chain Shortcuts

Hello Audacity Users. Hello also to the development team.

In recent months I have discovered the joys of working with effects chains. It has made my busy audio editing work much simpler.

I know I have mentioned it before in a previous post, but may I put in a product request, that keyboard short cuts could be applied to each individual effect chain.

For example, my voice post-processing recipe could be simply P, and my breath reduction setting B.

Again, thank you for considering my requests. I understand there are many demands for developments.

Kind regards

James the Radio Trainer

Chains is listed in the keyboard shortcuts in Audacity Preferences.
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 17.38.23.png
One problem is you have to miss the existing shortcuts—or reroute them.

P is already assigned to Play/Pause, so that’s an important one.


They don’t allow you to select a specific named Chain in one key press, which is what I think Trainer is asking for.

This Proposal that Gale was a champion of relates to this:



Yes, thank you Steve for clarifying my question. :slight_smile:

I would love to be able to assign an individual keyboard short cut to each of my chains. For example, my voice processing chain (which I use a lot) contains several effects. A single keystroke would be very useful for this one chain.

I looked at Gail’s suggestion (assignable short cuts for individual presets within effects) which is certainly very useful. However, applying short cuts to individual chains would meet both needs - presets within effects (these can be saved as chains) and chains of multiple effects.

Thank you all for your additional comments. and I live in hope for this feature.

James the trainer

You could probably do this with some form of scripting like AutoIT3 or AutoHotKey. I run individual chains by voice using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and AutoIT3 but I’m still using a highly customized version of 2.0.1.