Product Authorization Code

I just downloaded Audacity for my Mac and when I tried to open the Audacity program it ask me to Authorize Soundsoap and says I need a Product Authorization Code. What do I do now?



You may need to either:

  1. Authorize Sound Soap.
  2. Uninstall Sound Soap.
  3. Move the Sound Soap plug-in to somewhere that Audacity won’t find it (for example into a subfolder of its current location).
  4. Disable VST or AudioUnits in Audacity (depending on whether Sound Soap is a VST or AudioUnits effect.

If you have a demo version of Sound Soap and you don’t use it, option 2 will probably be easiest.


Option 1 is out since it won’t allow me to authorize SoundSoap. I did a search for SoundSoap so I could delete it or move it but the only search results were:
Applications>Peakexpress>Documentation>SoundSoap>SoundSoap User Guide. No SoundSoap program found. I would like to use Audacity but it’s useless to me
if I can’t access it. I don’t what option 4 is but it seems that I need to access Audacity to do it.


There is a workaround for doing this even if you can’t launch Audacity.

Download the attached file and rename from audacity.cfg.txt to audacity.cfg

Put the audacity.cfg file into:
~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

This configuration file should disable both VST and AudioUnits effects.
If you know whether SoundSoap is VST or AudioUnits, then after launching Audacity you will be able to enable the other type bu going into “Audacity Menu > Preferences > Effects”

It would probably be best to get rid of SoundSoap at some point, but I’m not a Mac user and I don’t know how to do that.
You could start a new topic with the topic “How do I find and remove SoundSoap” (or something equally obvious) :wink:
audacity.cfg.txt (79 Bytes)

Soundsoap may be a plugin in /Library/Audio/Plug Ins . A Finder search will not look inside the Library folder unless you start at the Library folder.

– Bill


Thanks for your help. I was able to find the SoundSoap file where you said it would be and I deleted it. Now I’m able to open Audacity.

Thanks again,