processing numerous files

Is it possible shorten numerous mp3-files for examble from 0 to 20 seconds at the same time?

How many files do you want to process? 10? 100? 1000? more?

You probably need to know that Audacity does not “shorten files.” It imports them and converts them to the high quality internal sound format, does the surgery, and then exports a new MP3 with the usual increase in compression damage and distortion.

If your collection of MP3 files was already on the edge of compression bubbling, the export will be unusable.

How many files did you want us to damage?


Just one CD, 15 files at this time. I must prosess a CD under 10 times in a year. I hope I will find a tool that do wanted process to numerous files at the same time.

We can probably help you to do that.
In what way do you want to shorten the files? Do you want to trim a bit off the beginning? A bit trimmed off the end? Do you want them to play a bit faster? Edit a section out of the middle?

If you have the original CD, you will get better sound quality by ripping the CD to WAV format and then editing the WAVs rather than editing MP3s.

I want to keep only first 20 seconds from the end of the each file.

  • Import all of the files that you want to edit (File menu > Import > Audio).
  • Select the first 20 seconds of the first (top) track.
  • Press the “down” cursor key on your keyboard (moves focus to the second track)
  • Press the “Enter” key to toggle the selection of the second track (first 20 seconds are now highlighted in tracks 1 and 2)
  • Repeat the process of “down arrow → Enter” to select the first 20 seconds of all the other tracks.
  • Press Ctrl+T (or from the Edit menu: “Edit > Remove Audio > Trim”)
  • Use “Export Multiple” from the File menu. (Export Multiple based on “tracks”)

In the last step there are quite a lot of options, so to save me having to type them all out, see here:

Thank you very much Steve! I’m absolutely beginner with Audacity and your instructions helped me a lot. I’m satisfied. :slight_smile: