hi guys my name is lee and im from middlesbrough england

i have been and bought myself some vinyl decks and a mixer for cheap to start off mixing, and then i got an offer for some cd decks too which where free so ended up with both c.d and vinyl decks complete with mixer amp etc

anyway what i want to know is ive got a mac laptop so have downloaded the audacity editing software. what i wanna know is the only port that my laptop has is the mic port. now im a little stumped to whether i just put the lead going from the mixer into the mic port and away i go?

i want to start recording my mixes thats all


mac laptop

Which one exactly? I’m typing on an Intel MacBook Pro, 15".

Apple > About This Mac > More INFO, Hardware.

I don’t know of any standard Mac that doesn’t have a stereo Line-In. Sometimes you have to switch to it in Apple Preferences.

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input. I have a larger Mac, so I have individual control and switches for all the available devices, you may have to switch or select your Line-In.

I use my Mac internal digitizer for everything. This is a (short) capture from my large Yamaha keyboard.


its a dual boot Mac and i always run the windows side as my other half has kindly messed around with the Mac part so now refuses to connect to the net. i cant seem to find the details of what it is and cant find all the paperwork that came with it either.

looking round the mac itself all i can see is some USB ports the headphone port and an ethanet port…

thats why i was thinking that if i plug my wire from the mixer into the headphone port the computer might pick it up as a line in and then i can start recording

is it not that simple??

im pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of stuff so thanks for the advice