Problems with Windows 8

First of all, I apologize for my English, as I use to write in German :slight_smile:

I have some problems with Audacity, since I own a laptop with Windows 8. I use the newest Audacity version, tried de- and re-installing, even tried an older version - the problem remains:

After a few minutes recording, Audacity gets “frozen”, i.e. I have to close it by Ctrl-Alt-Del (Is it “Del”? - I hope so, only got a German keyboard) or better: re-start the whole system, as Audacity wouldn´t start again without complete re-start.

I didn´t have these problems with Windows Vista and couldn´t find help or a post like this one in the WWW. It´s only when I RECORD something, just playing causes no trouble. The only device I use, is a Line6 GX, but I can´t imagine this device being responsible for this.

It ain´t no fun anymore to use Audacity when you have to stop in the middle of a recoding and you can start only after a break of several minutes (while the system starts the 3,895th time and you´ve got grey hair over this). I tried other freeware recording programs, but they all are… garbage!


Have a look at

Hi, yes same problems with Audacity and Windows 8. keeps freezing and needs a complete restart to activate Audacity again.
Trouble is it crashes again after seconds or minutes.
It works well with windows 7 but my new PC just wont be as kind. :imp:
I really like Audacity, but cant do anything with my recording now, so another recording prog will have to be used.
Great pity, I would pay for Audacity if it would work with Windows 8.
Please come up with an answer!

What is the exact make and model number? If it’s TonePort GX it does not officially support later than Vista. Or is it Pod Studio GX ?

Whichever it is, have you been here and obtained the correct drivers?

Are you connecting to an empty USB port? You must not connect to a USB hub to which other USB devices are connected.

Have you looked in Audacity at Edit > Preferences: Recording and tried increasing the “Audio to buffer”?

if none of that helps then we can perhaps check the sample rates you are recording at but we can’t do anything until we know what exact device you have.


Hi, Re; Problems with Windows 8.
I am running a Line 6 Pod HD Bean into the 64bit Windows 8 PC and having read the request for info, I had a look at the preferences in Audacity 2.0.3 and changed the Quality from 32bit-Float to 24bit.
I ran Audacity for three hours yesterday and 4 hours today with no problems.
Whether this was just luck or whether it has had some effect I don’t know, but fingers crossed this has helped!

It is often a requirement when using external devices that sample rates and sometimes sample formats (bit depths) match in Windows, in the recording device (Audacity) and in any settings the external device has.

If you are choosing MME host in Audacity Device Toolbar, that means that the current Windows Default Format (sample rate and bit depth) for the device will apply when communicating with the device. This Default Format can never be 32-bit float because there are no 32-bit consumer audio devices.


Hi, Further to the 32bit-float default setting…This setting works perfectly well on my lap-top when connected to the same external devices running windows 7 or connected to my lap-top running Vista.
Just seems that windows 8 does not like the default setting for some reason.
Dont you just love it when they bring out new systems?