Problems with weird noise while recording

Windows 10 Audacity 2.3.2

HP laptop connected to an M-Audio interface, connected to and apex 540 mic

Recording music

Hi, I’ve been using Audacity for a few years now without problem, but today while I was recording suddenly it sounded like my speakers blew and everything was pitched down, thinking it was the speakers, I first deleted what I recorded and listened back to the instrumental, and it sounded fine, but once I hit record again it sounded awful, I’ve tried changing the instrumental hoping that was the problem without success, then I closed Audacity hoping it would fix itself, I have not made any changes to my computer recently (such as new software) and it was recording just fine yesterday, if anyone has been through this problem and can help me with it, it would be much appreciated

I have not made any changes to my computer recently

No, you haven’t, but did Windows do an update in the background?

Do you use Chat, Conferencing, Skype or any communications software like that?

You can close everything and Clean Start Windows. Shift + Shutdown (Not Shutdown and not Restart). Wait for it to go down and Start. That will take longer than normal because it has to rebuild your system as it comes up.