problems with upgrading

I recently upgraded from Apple OS Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6 i think) to OSX 10.8.5. Now I can’t open my previous version of Audacity. When I try to open it I get a message saying it can’t be opened because Power PC applications are no longer supported. I have downloaded the latest version of Audacity for Mac (2.0.6) but each time I try to open an Audacity file I get a message saying the file might be irreversibly corrupted. If I do open a file and try to play it there is no sound. Can anyone please tell me what to do to listen to these old files?

If you were using a PPC version of Audacity 1.2, that is totally expected. OS X 10.7 and later only support Intel applications.

It’s a warning, saying that because the Audacity project format in Audacity 2.x is newer, AUP files in the older format that Audacity 1.2 used might not open correctly.

If any projects do open incorrectly, quit 2.0.6 without saving changes and download this Intel version of Audacity 1.2.5: Open the project in 1.2.5, export as WAV, then import the WAV into 2.0.6.

Can you see the tall blue waves that you expect to see? If so, select the correct playback device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar and turn the volume up.

Did you change computer when you upgraded? If your projects contained imported WAV or AIFF files that you did not copy into the project, then you need the WAV or AIFF files that were on the old computer, saved on the new computer to exactly the same file name and location that they had on the old computer.


Thank you for you superb reply. I will try to save it in case I need it in the future. I followed your final part first, opened the file from my archive in the latest version of Audacity (2.0.6) and without doing anything different it played without any problem at al!!!
Thanks again
Keith :smiley: