Problems with UCA 202 and Xone 23

Hi - i cannot get Audacity to work at all to record vinyl. My set up is 2 Technics SL1200’s, into Xone 23 mixer and then record out to Behringer UCA202 and then into the PC. I keep getting error messages whenever i try and record. Have tried different drivers.

The same error message each time, or different error messages?
What is / are the error message(s)?
(please quote the message(s) exactly and in full)

ive had multiple ones! On current settings - Windows wasapi/line in Behringer USB - saying 9997 invalid sample rate

have just tried it with Wavepad and it all worked straight off so hardware all ok - doing something wrong in audacity itself i think or issue with drivers

For the UCA202, set “host” to “MME” and select the UCA202 (“USB” option) as the recording and playback device in the Device Toolbar.

In the Windows Sound control panel, ensure that the UCA202 is set to “2 channels” and “44100 sample rate” in both the Recording and Playback tabs.

i get the 9999 error code now!

-9999 Unanticipated host error

The first thing to check is that Audacity has permission to access the “microphone” (Windows uses the word “microphone” to mean “any recording device”).