problems with the speed of music file

i have changed sample rates to 16 bit and 44100 Hz n now sound goes too fast. How do i get the sound speed back to normal?

Try the slower playback rates, e.g. 22050Hz …
playback rate (Hz).png

i need it to be 44100Hz thats why i changed it . the programm i wanna upload the sound to except only 44100k rates

Please take us through the steps you did. And please tell us the version of Audacity you are using.


  • import file (what is the file? where did you get it? what do you know about it e.g. sample rate, bit depth?)
    – Project Rate (at bottom left of project window in 1.3.x) reads what?
  • pull down Track Menu and go to “Set Rate” (as in Trebor’s example)
    – what is checked?

– Bill

ok so i use audacity 1.3 beta(unicode)
-thats a mp3 file, a sound of a video from youtube , i used some site to get that sound from the video, originally bit is 32, 22050Hz . i need it 16 bit and 44100 HZ thats why i changed it as it shows in Trebors example but now the sound goes too fast. later i’ll need to convert it in wav. which is easy i suppose
project rate… i changed it but it didnt help either

OK, you import an MP3 file and it shows up as 22050 Hz in the Track Control Panel.

Set the Project Rate (bottom left of the project window) to 44100 and export as WAV. Audacity will convert it to 44100 during the export. Do not change the rate using “Set Rate” in the Track Drop-down Menu.

Import the exported WAV back into Audacity. It will show as 44100 Hz in the Track Control Panel and will play back at the correct speed.

– Bill

i.e. when "Export"ing (saving) the file click on the button I have coloured yellow to show the drop-down menu and select WAV (16bit) to save in that format …
save as WAV (16bit) when exporting.jpg