problems with the EQ effect

I’m on Mac (High Sierra 10.13.6) and recently downloaded Audacity version 2.4.2.
I can’t seem to use the equalization effects:

  • Spectral editing multi-tools
  • Parametric equalization of spectral editing
  • Spectral editing stage
    Each time I get the following error message:
    To use “spectral effects”, activate “spectral selection” in the spectrogram parameters of the track and select the frequency range on which the effect should act.
    In Audacity preferences, spectral selection is however well activated
    What should I do ?
    Thank you for your help

Ensure that you have a visible “spectral” selection before launching a spectral effect.

Indeed, I did not understand the error messages well and I did not activate “spectral selection” in the audio track settings (I thought we had to go through the preferences of audacity). Now with the right spectrogram I can work the EQ effects as I want.
Thank you for your help ! Cordially