Problems with Tempo

When I import the audio file as a new track, the tempo gets messed up. For example, I have made a comp file separately and then a solo file separately. Combining them in the right tempo is not possible. Version 3.4.2 did not have this problem. When I import a file, Audacity offers a completely different speed (bbm) than what the file was made at.

About how far off is it? …Does a 1-minute recording play in 30 seconds, or in 59 or 61 seconds, etc.?

And I assume the pitch is off? When the tempo is off, usually the pitch is off too…

If it’s off by a little, that can be caused by using different recording & playback devices, like recording with a USB mic and playing-back on your regular soundcard.

The tempo changes by e.g. 150% or 67% down from the original tempo.

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