problems with sequence tags

I am running Audacity 2.2.1 on windows 10 -
I record a lecture 2 times a week - when I open one it’s fine and allows me to export to mp3. When I go to the 2nd one it opens up a pop up window that says " problems reading sequence tags" Project check read faulty Sequence Tags. {Please select action} [] close project immediately with no changes or [] Continue with repairs noted in log and check for more errors. this will save the project in its current state, unless you “close project immediately” on further error alerts.

I have gone through the process of updating audacity to the most recent release, i have also checked/updated the LAME and FFmpeg files. I am not sure why one works and then the next one doesn’t. It’s been happening for about a month now… What am I missing?
log- prob reading sequence.txt (2.74 KB)

Did you happen to use “Save Project As” to save the project with the same name?

Yes - this is the steps i do
1 - open audacity - Ctrl N
2 - file save as “name file”
3 - record
4 - then hit save which automatically replaces my original saved file with the audio.
5 - open at later time to edit recording
6 - file save as “new file name”
7 - export to mp3
8 - save mp3 file

Like i said i do 2 recordings and it seems like which ever one I open first doesnt have an issue, but the 2nd file does.

There’s a bug in Audacity 2.2.1 that can lose data from a project if you overwrite the current project using “File menu > Save Project As…”
The bug does not occur if you overwrite the current project using “File menu > Save Project”, or “Ctrl + S”, and it does not occur if you save the project with a new name using “Save Project As…”

The workaround is to always use “File > Save Project” (or “Ctrl + S”) when saving the current project, and only use “Save Project As” when you wish to save the project with a new name.

The bug has been fixed in Audacity 2.2.2 which is due to be released in a couple of weeks.