Problems with Saffire Pro 14

I am having an issue with Saffire Pro 14 Firewire interface on Windows 8 with Audacity…

On record there is no audio coming through or picked up, despite the Input sources being correctly set to the Saffire Pro and I am wondering if others have this issue. I have seen a couple of threads on this but no definitive answer and I am thinking that due to the Saffire Pro 14 being a ASIO interface, might be incompatible with Audacity for recording but can’t quite believe this is the case.

Also if I try to record using a hard wired method i.e. from the Saffire Pro 14 outputs into the computers mic line in (and setting Audacity accordingly), i just get white noise regardless of any settings.

There is not a problem with the Saffire or FW card as the interface records fine with other audio software e.g. Adobe Audition.

If any one can help/advise that would be great.

Audacity does not ship with ASIO support - please see Does Audacity support low latency ASIO drivers? .

Audacity may be usable if it can still see the WDM or E-WDM support in Saffire but you probably won’t be able to record more than two channels at a time. What Saffire input choices do you have exactly in Device Toolbar and how many channels can you record there?

Bearing in mind you are presumably connecting line level outputs to an amplified mic input, do you record something recognisable if you turn the input level down?