Problems with recording and playback levels

Hello. I’m using a Behringer UMC204HD digital interface for my microphones and headphones. I believe the problem is some sort of setting in Audacity, itself. My recording and playback level meters are only showing activity on the left side. I can’t hear anything, through the headphones, while recording. But on playback, I’m hearing only out of the left headphone and its very low. Doesn’t seem to do anything when I adjust volume levels. Also, somehow, the waveform meter shrunk to little more than a solid line and adjusting zoom does nothing. Please help. I’m so new at this. Thank you for your time.

Your headphones are plugged into the interface, right? If you rotate the Mix knob to “IN” you should hear signal from the microphones without going through the computer.

What microphones are you using? If they are studio condensers you need to turn-on phantom power.

Do you have a microphone plugged into both inputs?

Do you have a good-loud sound hitting the microphone?

Is Audacity set up for “2-channels”?

The meter bar, or the waveform? You can “drag” and resize both with the mouse.

They’re Dynamic microphones. I’ve tried it with phantom sound on and off.
Yes, headphones are plugged into the interface.
Yes, I have good, loud sound hitting the microphones.
When you say “2-Channel”, if you’re referring to the recording channel drop bar, then yes, it’s set for 2 channel stereo.
The waveform. And no, I can’t drag and resize that with the mouse. It just goes to grab sections of the sections of the recorded audio. it won’t adjust the height of the waveforms, visually.