Problems with playback on karaoke machine


I discovered an error when trying to play back Audacity mp3’s on karaoke machines. If I create an mp3 file in Audacity, the karaoke player would cut off the file prematurely before it finished, like about 30 seconds to a minute. If I downloaded an mp3 file that was not created in Audacity, it was fine. Is there some software marker in Audacity-created mp3’s that instructs karaoke players to cut the track off prematurely?

Perhaps your karaoke machine does not fully support VBR (variable bit rate) encoding.
Try setting Audacity’s MP3 exporter for CBR (constant bit rate). See here for details:

Constant bit rate? Didn’t know about that issue. I’m not sure what I was setting the export at, but I think I probably left them in the VBR presets. I’ll try the CBR and see if that resolves the issue.