Problems with new HP?

I just bought a new HP laptop (SSD, Ryzen 5), and the program seems to be causing problems. It activates the “Window audio device graph isolation” and causes too much CPU usage, heating up the laptop quite a bit. The program also seems to be missing shortcuts. I had no problems with this on my old laptop. I wonder if anyone else has the same experience and knows a solution.

What’s the possibility you didn’t get Audacity from us?

Audacity is open-source. Anybody can change or improve the program and offer it. Some of them change the version number a bit and the typical thing they might do is contract the number. Audacity 2.3.0 turns into Audacity 2.30. That’s also the split as to whether or not we can offer support. If you have Audacity 2.30 you need to check with them. We have no idea what they did.


Hi Koz,
Thanks for the speedy reply. I did download it from you, but I went ahead and deleted it and used the link you sent. It immediately activates the
“Windows Audio Device graph Isolation” which taxes the CPU. Again some of the shortcuts are missing as well. These do not happen on my old Windows 10 computer. I’ve also uninstalled all plug-ins and all other software save the factory apps to eliminate any program that might be interfering. I looked for common problems with the “Audio Isolation” but did not find anything relevant.

We reduced the number of standard default shortcuts - you can restore the full set

a) Edit > Preferences
b) choose Keyboard
c) Click on Defaults
d) Choose Full
e) Click OK


Try turning off audio enhancements: