Problems with my mic not recording sound

I posted here recently, but it seems I did not fix my microphone problem. I am completely befuddled. Can anyone help me?

I have it plugged in and I choose the right microphone, but when I record sound, It records this very slight static.

I went to my control panel and checked the sound from it and it picks up sound when I hit the chord, it records sound in the chord, but not the microphone. Any ideas?

I have it plugged in

What is “it?” You have to give us a push. Model number? USB Microphone? Kind of computer? Which Windows?


“it” would be my microphone. It is a MXL - V67G, it is not a usb microphone, it is the kind of microphone that uses the 3 - pronged male and female jacks. Bottom of the mic is male, I have a chord that is male on one end, and female on another. Female end plugs into mic and the male end plugs into the power supply which is a PHP1 Phantom Power Supply box.I have another chord that can plug into my computer by a microphone jack on one end and a female on the other so everything is connected.

My kind of computer is a Sony Vaio series L.

My Windows version I have is Windows 7 Home Premium, 32-bit.

I can give any more information if needed.

I used Windows 7 home premium 64-bit last time, should I find that instead?

I choose the right microphone

You probably selected the built-in microphone on your Sony. That will pick up mechanical vibrations like when you move cables around.

In Windows Control Panels, you should be able to select Mic-In if that’s what you have your microphone system plugged into, not built-in microphone.

I followed the microphone description, but not the connection to the computer part.

I’m going to look at the specs on the power inserter. Is it turned on? the microphone will not work with the power supply off.

This has never worked, right?


The adapter into the computer should look something like this:

If the male plug looks like one of these:

Then that’s where your sound is going. The Mic-In of a laptop computer is not directly compatible with the three-pin XLRs in your power supply and you may have the wrong adapter.