Problems with mp3 and recording

I am new at this but I’ve watched videos on it. I have windows 10. I moved my mp3 to Audacity and hit record but no music will play. It’s just recording my voice without music. If I hit play before recording I hear the music. It’s not muted. What am I doing wrong? Has to be something simple. I only have a mic built into my laptop for now. Would it be that I need a USB mic?

It might help if you give us some details about what you’re trying to accomplish. Record and mix your voice with existing background music? Then tell us exactly what steps you are taking.

In general, you record your voice to a separate track then mix later. That way you can better control the relative volume of the music and voice.

Note that mixing is done by summation. (Analog mixers are built around summing amplifiers.) That means you may need to reduce the volume of the voice and music tracks before mixing to prevent clipping (distortion).

[u]Tutorial - Recording Multi-track Overdubs[/u]

I’ve got mp3’s that are just instrumental that I sing to at church. I want to record me singing so I can put it on a cd for a friend. Ther video I watched about how to do it was very simple. Just drag the mp3 file over and hit record. It records my voice but I can’t hear the music to sing to. It’s not muted

Thanks that helped. I hit shift+R and it works now. It records and plays the track at the same time