problems with labeling

Windows 7, SP1, 64 bit. Probably via installer.
Project: download LPs to hard drive.
Example: I record a Paul Robeson record, hit control M to get approximate divisions.
When finished, I remove some noise, move the marker to just before the song, (including the first song) and enter a label.
When I go to save as Flac files, I get a small screen that looks like an index card.
I enter Paul Robeson for the first song, but it doesnt carry forward to the next. Ditto for genre. HOW DO I GET THE PROGRAM TO CARRY THIS INFORMATION FORWARD?

After entering all of this manually, the program saves the flac files and I get an OK message that I downloaded, say, 6 songs.
The directory containing the music has 8-10 files - some with titles and 16-20K files - these are OK. Some files are untitled with only 1K, some are titled with only 1k.
I end up with maybe 3-4 useable files. What am I doing wrong?

By reading the Manual

which says

When using Export Multiple, it’s often easier to uncheck “Show Metadata Editor before export step” in Import / Export Preferences, then enter any tags common to all tracks at File > Open Metadata Editor… before exporting. Audacity will then add the automatically generated Track Title and Track Number tags for each exported file without the Editor appearing.

As waxcylinder said, you may have created a small region label by clicking then dragging in the track. You want to click to place the label, then do not drag but do CTRL + B to add the label (assuming the track is not playing).


Also read this if you have not already done so:


I had the same issue and accepted the fact I would have to type it each time. Following your instructions I now can carry all my information forward. All of the podcasts I do are interviews so I just need to change the guests name. Thank you so much for explaining it the way you did.