Problems with keyboard

I’m User Audacity and recently migrated to Ubuntu Studio. I have a problem because keys like backspace, delete, pagedown and other do not work. Any recommendations? I have a notebook and use keyboard USA INternational.

Do you mean those keys do not work in Audacity for their default purpose (the keys do nothing)?

Have you set those keys to do something else in Ubuntu Studio? What version of Ubuntu Studio do you have?

What version of Audacity do you have and where did you obtain it from? See the pink panel at the top of the page.


Functions same boss.
I want the backspace and delete to delete the field.
For exempo to change the value of the treshold.
Use Ubuntu Studio 16.04.
Audacity 2.1.2 (Native)
And since I reinstalled via PPA.

Are you talking about NUMPAD_DELETE and NUMPAD_Page Down? Those are not the same keys as DELETE and Page Down.

What happens if you open a text file in gedit or your favourite text application, select some text and press standard DELETE (not NUMPAD_DELETE). Is the selection removed?

If the selection is removed, then in Audacity, try Edit > Preferences…, Keyboard section, press the “Defaults” button, then OK.


It’s a notebook.

It works normal in any application, just in Audacity even if not.

Already reseted the keyboard.

Does that mean there are no NUMPAD keys?

What language is Audacity running in? Please look at Edit > Preferences…, Interface section.

What language is Ubuntu Studio running in?

We need to be precise (I know it may not be easy if English is not your native language). Did you press the button in Audacity’s Keyboard Preferences that sets Defaults?