Problems with import

Hello. When importing the program said: " The program does not recognize the file format and if he does not try to import compressed as headerless . " What do I do ?
File format mp3.
The audio track was taken from the video ( processed through Sony Vegas Pro to mp3) to remove noise microphone.


I deleted your duplicate topic in the Russian Forum.

Probably the file is not really an MP3.

What operating system are you using, and what version of Audacity? Please see the pink panel at the top of the page. If you are on Linux, you can try renaming it as WAV, in case it really contains uncompressed audio.

If that does not help, please obtain “MediaInfo” from MediaInfo and post the information it gives about the file. If you are on Windows, obtain the MediaInfo version without installer, because the installer may try to install malware or adware.


Windows 7.
Audacity 2.0.6

Problem solved. Good Luck.

To be most useful, we would have needed you to use View > Text in MediaInfo, which gives the most information.

Can you say what the problem was and how you solved it? That might help other users.