Problems with high dpi monitors

There’s a whole bunch of problems, and they may be platform specific. Here are some of them:

On a modestly high dpi monitor, the help screen dialog is tiny and cannot be resized.
L/R labels in meters:
Project rate not visible:

James committed - did it help the L / R?

Is your monitor standalone or part of a laptop? What is the resolution and what DPI is set?

I probably can’t help with this because I don’t have a high res monitor. The highest res I have is an old iMac. I think Team should plan to fund some equipment, not just for me.

Default settings:

It’s the laptop monitor.
1920 x 1080 (so not that high dpi, but high enough that I need to increase the font size in “Appearance” settings to be able to read things).

Screenshots on the same machine. The new “classic” theme buttons look like a “posterize” effect has been applied.