problems with export and save-6 hours work lost

I am new to audacity. I started a project earlier this week, and just spent the past 6 hours mixing the file before exporting the final project.

However, when I imported the file into FCPro, it sounded like it hadn’t been mixed. I reopened audacity, and indeed, the file reverted back to where I was at 7:30 am this morning. I thought I was saving everything regularly–I’m a digital drone for a living, and it’s been years since I made this kind of mistake.

I actually took 2 days off of work to do this. My project is due for a class in 2 hours. I’m about to cry.

Is there any secret to saving these files that I don’t know about? Aren’t they’re warnings when you close a program and a file hasn’t been saved? Should I forgo using this software and switch over to something else?

Thanks for any input you may have. Back to the drawing board.


Issue resolved!! It was actually was saved, just needed a bit more amplification the the vocals, and the file was underwhelming in FC. I was looking at a section that hadn’t been mixed yet. Apparently the file opened up to an area that hadn’t been worked on. It’s going to be a 1/2 loop.

Very embarrassing, but at least I’m okay. Perhaps others have info on file saving protocols.

Thanks anyway–


Glad you got it sorted ok.

You might like to take a look at this draft page we are working on regarding backup strategies (for either the Manual or the Wiki) - see:

It’s still a Work-In-Progress and is not ready for publication just yet - but any feedback you have on it would be valuable.