Problems with effects

So I started messing around with Audacity today, and I wanted my mic to sound like this guy His microphone is loud
That is his youtube.
I went on the amplifier effect, and I thought it was too loud, so I asked my friend for suggestions, he told me to lower the bass, but when I did. It sounded like me talking in a normal voice.
I found out that he could use 2 effects at a time( if that makes sense)
When I try to change the bass, the amplifier goes to 0, and I don’t want it to happen!

What do I do? Help!

As far as I know, with Audacity you can only apply one effect at a time.

If you want to add distortion ([u]clipping[/u]), the Amplify effect may work but the actual audio data won’t be clipped until you export to WAV (unless you’re listening at full volume and clipping your DAC). WAV files are hard-limited to 0dB and your DAC is hard limited to 0dB, but Audacity itself essentially has no upper limit.

The Limiter effect has a Hard Clip option which will create clipping distortion. If you amplify over 0dB (where Audacity shows potential clipping) and then you hard-clip-limit to 0dB, you’ll get distortion. Or, if that’s too loud you can clip at a lower level.

One the “data” is clipped, bass adjustment or volume reduction won’t remove the distortion.

The sequence of effects (bass adjustment, volume adjustment, limiting) will make a difference so you can experiment to see what works best for you.

and I thought it was too loud, so I asked my friend for suggestions

If it’s too loud you can simply use the Amplify effect again with negative gain (attenuation). But, the actual audio data has to be clipped so you have to use the limiter or open the saved-distorted WAV file.

There is a free plugin called Tri-Dirt , (which works in Audacity on Windows)
It can apply different degrees of clipping-type distortion to different frequency-ranges …

Tri-Dirt plugin showing settings used.png