Problems with drivers?

I’m trying to use my Scarlett 2i4 DAI to record some guitars into audacity. I’ve been trying to use the Windows WASAPI driver to due so as I’ve heard it has fairly low latency. However once audacity begins recording none of the sound is picked up and actually recorded. My interface registers the sound and I can hear it coming through my headphones but audacity won’t record it even when the record button is pressed. Recording does work with the MME driver but the latency on it makes it almost impossible to work with. What can I do to get the WASAPI driver to work or are there other drivers that will give me low latency too? I’m working on an ASUS with windows 8 if that matter at all.

You know you’re supposed to be listening to the Scarlett to get the low latency, right, not the computer? The Scarlett (apparently) has an on-board headphone mixer to mix live performance with older tracks. Choose the Scarlett for both record and playback in Audacity. Of course you’ll have to adjust Audacity Recording Latency to deal with this particular setup.

Hope that works because other options are a lot more painful. Other Scarlett equipment requires the ASIO drivers to get convenient routing and low latency and Audacity doesn’t directly support ASIO.

The only other option beyond that is other hardware that does support low latency monitoring. The UCA202 is one such device.


I do have the 2i4 set for both audio input and output but I keep getting error messages that say "failed to open audio input device whenever I try to record.

The sound specifications have to match to get this to work.


If you have Audacity 2.0.6 from us, WASAPI can’t be used for recording real inputs. Try Windows DirectSound host as described at