Problems with Cakewalk UA-1G and recording

Alright, so I have two CDJ 800’s and a DJM 600 mixer. The only thing I really wanted to do was record and stream live by having sound go onto the computer. Right now my main problem is recording my mixes though, so I will get that out of the way. Firstly, I was told I needed a cord to run from my master booth out from the back of my mixer, into the line in on my computer (the microphone input). That didn’t work because I have a PC which has a mono line input instead of a stereo line input, which I needed. So after following advice on what kind of external sound card to buy, I went with a Cakewalk UA-1G USB for $99. So… I just got it, now starts the real fun.

First, the USB cable worked, powered up, plugged in fine, I installed all the drivers and things I needed, so that part worked. I tried plugging in from my Master Booth out in the mixer, RCA cables to a sort of mic/line in cable, it was like two cables fused into one. Every time I tried recording in Audacity, on every single setting possible, I would either get a low beeeeeep, or a high pitched annoying beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. So, I thought, ok, maybe I need to get an RCA to RCA cable instead of this RCA to one line cable. So I bought one at radioshack. Plugged into the master booth out from the mixer, and now with two RCA cables, I plugged it into the line in on my UA-1G. I now got a lower beep when I tried recording sound. When I switched the cables around and even plugged it into line out, I got the same low beep, or nothing at all.

Please help, I have been trying to fix this, and mess with it, and even after spending all my money on equipment that was supposed to work, it hasn’t. :frowning:

Thanks if you can help.

Lets try this one bit at a time.
Connect the UA-1G to your computer - nothing attached to the inputs or outputs, turn the recording volume up and open Audacity. Make a short test recording. You should get almost silence. Use the “Amplify” effect (Effects menu) in your recording. You should now hear a hiss and possible a bit of a buzz and perhaps a bit of a whistle, but it should be mostly a fairly constant hiss. Is that what you get?

Now connect a stereo RCA cable into the Input of the UA-1G. (nothing connected to the other end of the RCA cable)
Start a second test recording, and while it is recording intermittently touch the “pin” on one of the free ends of the RCA cable. Amplify the recording and play it back. Each time you touched the pin there should be a buzz recorded. Does that happen?

Alright. I did this, and when I amplified it, I could hear a slight buzz. So that worked.

I did this, and when I recorded, the red part of the RCA did nothing when tapped… however when I tapped the white RCA plug thing, I heard a small buzz, without having to amplify any effects.

We seem to be getting there, but it sounds like you are currently recording mono.
Open Audacity and go to “Edit menu > Preferences” on the first tab, select “Number of channels: 2 (stereo)”
Now repeat the second test (tapping the free ends of the RCA leads). Do you now get a buzz from both red and white?

Which version of Audacity are you using? (See Audacity Help menu > About Audacity)
What operating system are you using?

Yeah I was recording mono… I forgot about that. Anyways, I am using Audacity 1.2.6 and when I tap both of the ends, sound now comes through pretty clearly.

Well that should be the computer side more or less ready (may still require a little tweaking, but it’s close enough for now).

So on to the mixer.
Your mixer has 2 pairs of RCA outputs - the main out and the booth out. These outputs are pretty much the same except that the main out is controlled by the master volume (and balance) whereas the booth out is controlled by the booth monitor level knob.

I presume that you have the main out connected to some kind of amplifier and that it sounds good?
Assuming that’s correct, try connecting the booth outputs to you amp instead of the main out. Do you still get a good sound?

Assuming that you do, connect the booth outputs to the RCA lead that you now have connected to the UA-1G and try recording. Adjust the booth monitor level knob so that the recorded waveform in Audacity peaks a bit higher than half way.

If you are using a laptop computer you may need to run from battery power to avoid audio interference from the power supply.

I just wanted to say, steve. I ****** love you. After all of this time with things not working, this is the first time anything has really worked flawlessly. I owe you so much right now. I ***** LOVE YOU STEVE.

Ah, hem :blush: thanks.
Glad it’s working - now have some fun with it :wink:

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