Problems with AVS Audio Editor 4.2

I had an older version on my laptop last week, and when I edited, everything worked fine.

For work, I have AVS Audio Editor 4.2 but when I edit out the “ums,” my recording plays back with a woman’s voice over it.

How do I edit without that happening?

You should probably leave the “ums” in.

Just kidding.

I’m wondering how you got to the Audacity help forum?


My guess is that Lauren clicked on an advert on the Sourceforge page for downloading Audacity, and mistakenly thinks that AVS Audio Editor has something to do with Audacity. It doesn’t, AVS Audio Editor is a commercial program and has nothing to do with Audacity - support requests should be directed to the makers of AVS.

If you have problems downloading Audacity, look for the “Direct Link” on the download page.