Problems with audacity recording Skype calls

I want to use audacity to record Skype calls. I use an USB microphone.
It seems like the microphone can only be used by one of Skype and audacity at the same time.
When I open Skype and begin a call with someone, we chat well but audacity can’t record.
When I open audacity to record, Skype can’t find the device at all…

What’s going on with it? I found on a page, that someone said USB microphone can’t be used. Only the microphone that connects directly to the soundcard (normally the pink mini jack) can be used.
I tried with such a microphone and it really worked.
Here is the link:

BTW, the device I used is Chat 160.

Can anyone help me ?
Thank you very much.

Yes that is usually the case.
Skype Call Recorder works pretty well on Linux.

I found on a page, that someone said USB microphone can’t be used.

What we said was you can’t reliably record Skype without purpose built hardware or software. Skype is pretty vicious about the way it manages sound channels in order to maintain the good quality it’s known for. That tends to reduce efforts at recording both sides of the conversation to accidents, one-offs, bad quality, and solutions that only work on a tiny population of computers.

Contrast that with Pamela Professional.

Install Pamela Professional on Windows > Record unlimited audio and video Skype calls.


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