problems with Audacity and Mojave

I just installed Mojave (10.14) on my Mac. When I tried to use Audacity (2.2.2) some of my plugins were gone and had to be re-enabled. The problem is that I don’t remember what some of my settings were for Noisegate, Noise Reduction, RMS Normalize and Limiter. Is there any way to check the settings for these plugins from older files that were augmented using these plugins? Otherwise I’ll probably need to just start over from scratch. (Ugh.)

from older files that were augmented

We can’t take effects or filters out of a saved show and only in very limited circumstances can we tell what happened by viewing the patched show.

AudioBook? Did you do the upgrade in the middle of reading a book?

I can tell you probable settings for RMS Normalize and Limiter. Those two directly set ACX AudioBook technical standards.

Effect > RMS Normalize: Target RMS Level -20dB > OK.
Effect > Limiter: Soft Limit, 0, 0, -3.5dB, 10, No > OK.

It is a little concerning you were using both Noise Gate and Noise Reduction. It’s difficult to get either one of those to sound right. The ideal world has you mastering for audiobook without any noise reduction at all, you must have killer noise problems. Maybe this is the chance to solve some of those?

This is one method for Audiobook Mastering.


Thanks, Koz. I’ll give those a try and check out the Mastering info.