problems with 2.x

I was recording streaming audio, suing the latest version with the 3.99 lame encoder. I found that upon the streaming start, when I started record, there was a very slight delay , as if the transport buttons were not as quick to start as the previous versions. Upon stopping, had the same issue, plus it faded on the screen lightly , then came back clear. I went to export, and it said ‘not responding’. This edition just seems to be slower in response time. I had the same issue with a out board playback device, all my preferences were set properly.I don’t understand, help!

Version of Windows? Speed of the computer in GHz? Amount of installed RAM in GB?

Does your computer meet Audacity system requirements ?


windows 7 professional ,Pentium dual core cpu ES 400@ 2.70 ghz, 2 cores, 2 logical processors, version 6.1.7601 service pack 1 build 7601,x64 based. Installed physical memory 4.00Gb, total physical memory,3.97 gb, avail physical memory 2.97 gb, total virtual memory 7.93 gb, avail virtual memory,6.38 gb. Page file space 3.97 gb

also have 4.00 Gb RAM

Try looking in Windows Task Manager at how many other programs and processes are running, how much CPU they are using, and whether you can change the priority of some programs or close un-necessary ones.

If you are recording from Firefox, close all the tabs except the one in use then restart Firefox.