Problems while editing

Hey guys, any help is appreciated.

I am currently working on a multi-track audio book (for ease of recording, I am recording it in chunks.)

So now I have started editing my multi-track project… I am removing unwanted sounds, adding pauses where needed, silencing, re-recording sections etc.

But every time I edit a track, or use the zoom tool, the program no longer registers my commands. For example, I silenced a sound on track 1. I move on to track 2 and attempt to silence another sound, but it doesn’t do anything. Trim, cut, and silence don’t have any effect at all anymore. So I close the program and re-open it. It works again, but only once, and then the same problem arises…

Is this a bug? Why won’t the buttons work as soon as I use one of them? Doesn’t make sense… very frustrating.

Please see the pink panel above. We need to know Audacity version and version of Windows, especially if you are suggesting a “bug”.

Please see if Snap To or Pause are anything to do with this: .