Problems when exporting my song as an mp3 to my OneDrive cloud folder

when exporting my song from audacity as an mp3 to my OneDrive cloud folder it sounds okay on my computer when playing it on my windows media player but when I send it as an attachment in an email to someone’s iPhone, the mp3 file of the song is missing the bass track? Anyone know why?

Is that on the phone speaker, or with headphones/earbuds?

There is a possibility that the left & right are out-of-phase. When played in mono on a phone speaker, everything in the “center” (anything identical but out-of-phase) will cancel. Usually the bass and lead vocals are killed.

I’m thinking that’s probably not the problem, because there’s no real bass from a phone speaker anyway…

But if you want to check that you can make a mono file with Split Stereo To Mono, and then export as a mono file.

Then you can try fixing it by again splitting stereo to mono and then run the Invert effect on one channel only. That will fix it if it’s a “simple inversion” and there is nothing else funny going on.

I noticed that the file was automatically saved to OneDrive (Microsoft Edge Cloud) saved as OneDrive/document/audacity/arrangement.aup3. Don’t know if the cloud makes a difference, but when I play the mp3 on my laptop from the audacity download on my music file, using my Windows Media Player, or listen to the file as at an attachment on my email using my laptop the song is all there with the bass and it sounds great.
It’s only when I send it out as an email attachment on my phone that the bass is missing.

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