Problems Sound Recording with Vista Via Line-In

I am new to the forum & a bit troubled & need some help please.
I have a new Dual Core Generic PC with a Gigabyte Mother Board On Board Realtek HD Audio
The machine is like a rocket but when I record music from my old LP’s on a Turntable via the line in. The file created *.Wav or *.MP3 plays back with the same tempo but voices are a higher pitch.
I started with the Vista basic sound recorder and now Audacity 1.3.6 and the problem is the same.
I then plugged the turntable into my old chug-alug Laptop with Win XP and the recording when played back is perfect, just the same as the original when using the basic sound recorder.
Should I be getting a new PCI sound card for my PC?? I hope this is not the case as I have no more slots left also I have just installed a TV card to record all the old home video’s & the sound needs to be correct also.
Any Help from this forum is most appreciated.
thanks to all,

I think something very like that can be caused by a bad sound card. Sound capture and playback are supposed to be performed at the same sample rate, but they don’t have to be. If there is something wrong with the capture timebase (44100 or 48000) the sound clip may be produced with a non-standard sample rate (44108). If it’s not too far off, sound players will just force themselves to play it anyway.

Especially since the Windows Recorder does the same thing. There are not that many options when that happens. The sound card is producing damaged sound clips.

If the sound clip goes on for a while, you may discover that the rhythm has been affected, too. The ear can hear a very minor pitch change.